KISS1203: Leonid Nevermind, Third Kiss

For its Third Kiss, Stolen Kisses received a lovely aural postcard from Leonid Nevermind, citizen of the world. “Crushed Icebreaker” erupts into a tropical storm of Balearic riffs, an orgy of solos, and a galumphing bass line. The A side is also home to the suave “Passion’s Limiter,” riding a lux and limber bass line under your skin amidst cruising pads. And don’t miss the fashionably late vocals!

“Crushed Icebreaker” is paired with a remix by veteran producer and personal favorite, Roman Flügel. He interprets the tune as a cool, ocean’s breeze, with fluffy melodic clouds floating overhead as the bass line massages out all that ails you. Goes nicely with a chilled beverage and your locale’s finest grass.

Third Kiss will be in stores September 4th, distributed physically and digitally by Crosstalk International.

Stolen Kisses featured on Knackered House compilation

Should have posted this ages ago but it’s still worth mentioning. Boomkat kindly included Andy Stott’s crepuscular remix of BNJMN’s “Nightvision” in the 14tracks mix called Knackered House. The compilation also includes tracks by Kassem Mosse, Theo Parrish, Pinch & Shackleton, Tin Man, Kowton, et al.

Check out the compilation at 14tracks and Boomkat.

Feedback for BNJMN’s Second Kiss

Gerd: I like the original here. Will give it spins over here fa sho. Didn’t dig the remix to be honest. The filters on the beats are a bit too much.

Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork/Wire/RA): Congrats all around, guys — this is brilliant!!!

Andrew Ryce (Pitchfork/RA/LWE): New one is AMAZING. The Andy Stott remix HOLY SHIT. It has this amazing submerged gothic/Romantic feel, creepy but classic and elegant, and the basslines… oh wow. Wow.

Ripperton: Great release bro, dig both especially the crepuscular Andy Stott mix!

Brendon Moeller: Not feeling the original so much, but Andy’s low slung slow mo dub is awesome.

Basic Soul Unit: Congrats on the label. Diggin the original.

Jordan Rothlein (RA/LWE): Big fan of this one. Both the original and the Andy Stott mix are super warped, yet in utterly different and original ways. Will play this in the club, on the radio show, in the midst of an Ambien fugue, etc. It’s 6am somewhere, obviously.

Chris Hobson (mnmlssgs): On first listen, not completely convinced by the BNJMN track, but the Andy Stott remix is a killer. And I love the design you’ve got for these EPs. Very nice.

Serge (Clone): Order made at Crosstalk.

Iron Curtis: Been a fan of BNJMN recently and this track is outstanding as well.
But the def highlight of this EP comes from Andy Stott. As a longtime Modern Love addict it’s not hard for me to like this remix — but I wonder how slow (on the bpm side of things) his production/remixes might get in 2 years. That’s a kinda drone, kinda hop, kinda bunker mix and to be more to the point: I LOVE IT!

Finn Johanssen: This is a difficult one for me. The original has this very dominant campy leitmotif which is a bit odd for my current preferences, and although I’m over 40 now and it might be time to slow down, I just can’t get into slow and mid tempo house and techno. I always have this urge to have it sped up. Help, am I out of the loop? But this is, again, a highly original release, that’s for sure!

m50: Quite unique selections — taking the vibe in almost opposite directions on the two sides here. Both are memorable, I like it.

KISS1102: BNJMN, Second Kiss

For its Second Kiss, Stolen Kisses reached out to BNJMN, one of 2011′s most promising artists. With nimble synth melodies that leap over burbling sub-bass with the grace and poise of ballet dancers, “Nightvision” quickly distinguishes itself as more accessible but equally detailed as the tracks on the UK producer’s breakthrough album, Plastic World.

It’s paired with a remix by fellow UK producer Andy Stott, a core member of the Modern Love family. Fresh off his revelatory Passed Me By 2×12″, Stott drags “Nightvision” into his lair to refashion it as a gritty, slo-mo beatdown. His sonic gremlins gnaw new textures into familiar progressions and set off sub-bass clusterbombs, daring DJs to unleash the remix on a sizable sound system.

Second Kiss is now available through these fine retailers:

Amazon (US)
Boomkat (UK)
Cargo Records (UK)
Chemical Records (UK)
Clone (NL)
Gramaphone Records (US)
Hard Wax (DE)
Halcyon (US, in store only)
Jumbo Records (UK)
Juno Records (UK)
Phonica Records (UK)
Piccadilly Records (UK)
Redeye Records (UK)
Rush Hour (NL)
Vinyl Underground (UK)
Word & Sound (DE)
Zero” (EU)

Feedback for Hakim Murphy’s First Kiss

Roman Flügel: I very much like the original along with Santiago’s “Grind” mix and will play both.

Silent Servant: Both S2 mixes are nice. Solid release overall. A bit more on the house tip than I might play regularly but good start.

Tama Sumo: Congrats on your first release and thanks for sharing it with me. The S2 sucio remix is soooo wicked — it’s my total favourite. Like its weirdness and funkyness a lot, great sounds and tons of fun. The dancefloors nowadays need more of that — thanks a lot for this one!!!

Chicago Skyway: One thing I really love about Hakim Murphy’s music is how schizophrenic it can be. He’ll play a synth here and then all of a sudden it’ll morph into a piano or pad with a completely different feeling to it. It hurts so good, I need therapy after listening to this original version. Santiago’s Grind Mix mellows it out for something I would play in the beginning of a set or a late night set. A calm after Hakim’s musical storm. I also love the Sucio mix. Full support from me. Great release guys. Congratulations on your first release.

DJ Qu: Nice Release. Really diggin that S2 Sucio rmx.

Dave Huismans (2562/A Made Up Sound): I thought it was solid but didn’t quite grab me initially. Listening again it’s growing on me, though, I really like the original. The second S2 remix has that old school Shake-alike sampling/filtering sound-aesthetic I totally dig but I find myself waiting for a driving sub line to really get me going. May be the nature of the beast ;)

Conforce: That second S2 mix is the pick for me.

Gerd (4Lux): It’s a deep EP. I like the S2 sucio remix best :-)

Christopher Rau: I really dig the remixes. Great work from Santiago… booom. Would love to play it on vinyl.

Stefan Goldmann: I like Santiago’s second mix.

Brendon Moeller: A solid first release. Digging all versions.

Jordan Czamanski (Juju & Jordash): Really feeling the S2 Grind remix, moody!

Matthew Styles: This is a cool one, the original for me is most suitable!

Oskar Offermann: I like the original. It’s a great dark tool! Good for afterhours and stuff.

Lerato Khati (Uzuri): Congrats on the label and big up to Hakim and Santi for the great record! Full support from all of us at Uzuri.

Finn Johannsen (Macro): Slightly demented pianos always make my day. Very fine start

Inbum Cho (Avondale Music Society): Hakim’s original is a spacey, bass heavy head trip. I get this sense that the various elements of the track are conversing with each other in an alien language. Catchy percussions with new/old school vibe. The Grind remix has a very nice Italo feel. Good sounds all around. Can’t wait to get the vinyl release for my collection.

Nitzan Edit (Fine Art Recordings): Great release Steve — good luck with the new label.

M50: Digging the release, thanks. I’ve already featured Hakim’s original on the radio.

KISS1101: Hakim Murphy, First Kiss

Stolen Kisses recruited Hakim Murphy, a rising star of Chicago’s house scene, for its First Kiss. “Infinite Sensations” is rather unlike his previous work, a dark, moody track driven by salvos of cutting percussion that give rise to glowering synth progressions and ominous blooms of sub-bass.

It’s paired with two remixes from Los Angeles’s Santiago Salazar, the UR-affiliated artist whose solo productions have been highlights for labels such as Rush Hour, Macro, and his own Historia Y Violencia imprint. His “S2 Grind Remix” tunnels through the original, finding hypnotic techno bliss in vibrating synths lines. The jangling “S2 Sucio Remix” gets hips shaking by focusing on the tune’s lighter side, whirling around chipper motifs with a distinctly Latin sensibility.

First Kiss is distributed worldwide, both physically and digitally, by Crosstalk International. It can also be ordered through these retailers:

Boomkat (UK)
Chemical Records (UK)
Clone (NL) (DE) (DE)
Dovewax (JP)
Fat Plastics (DE)
Gramaphone Records (US)
Juno Records (UK)
Rush Hour (NL)
Technique (JP)
Word & Sound (DE)

It can also be purchased digitally from the following outlets:

Amazon (US)
Juno Download
WhatPeoplePlay (DE)

Introducing Stolen Kisses

Welcome to the website for Stolen Kisses, a new Chicago-based record label. Here you’ll find information about our releases, streaming clips, contact information, how to find our releases, and some press clips. Check back soon for more info.